Publish new research and new data in archaeologyLike any scientific discipline, archeology objective is to produce knowledge. ArkéoTopia participates in this action through quality research according to the specialties of its members and partnerships established with laboratories, universities and other actors of the scientific research.


Supporting archaeological researchAs a scientific discipline, archeology requires a financial and human investment which often exceeds the means at labs and universities disposal. To the extent of its possibilitie, ArkéoTopia participates in the research effort by helping to simple tasks (proofreading, digitization, etc.) and complex tasks (studies, fieldwork, expertise, etc.).


Defending scientific research in archeologyDefending scientific research in archeology means contributing to better protection of the heritage, to sustainable relationships and scientific integrity between the various actors in research (professionals, volunteers, citizens, politicians) as well as contributing to an evolution in knowledge and practices specific to archaeological research.


Train people to archaeological researchSupporting young generations and helping to train in new research practices are one of the objectives of the training mission at ArkéoTopia. Passionate people, college students, students and professionals will find personalized courses and a support adapted to their needs.


Popularized archaeoligical researchAs an archeological organization, ArkéoTopia contributes to the diffusion of the best scientific and technical culture. In order to make knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills relatives to archaeological research available to as many people as possible, we regularly organize popularization actions.

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