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archeotvSee ArkéoTopia regularly on ArchaeoTV, notably on Thursdays at 11am in the Introduction to Archaeology section. is the first web television station in French and English exclusively devoted to archaeology.

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Histoire Antique no. 40, Nov/Dec 2008, p. 12.HistAntiqueNovDec_pic

ArkéoTopia dans Les Dossiers d'archéologieLes Dossiers d'Archéologie no. 330, Nov/Dec 2008, p. 142.
Note here that the article’s author, Bruno Bioul, who unfortunately did not put his name to his work, captures the association’s ethos well. It is a shame however that part of the writing leads the reader to believe that France has only had an administrative structure for this domain since the 70s.

ArkéoTopia dans le 7 à vous7 à Vous no. 20, Nov. 2008, p. 12.
The 7th district of Paris opened up its newsletter’s pages to present associations (charities, non-profits) in the district in which we are based. To download the letter, click on the image.

ArkéoTopia dans la lettre de Paris CadecsLa lettre de Paris Cadecs, Nov/Dec 2008, “Entretien avec Jean-Olivier Gransard-Desmond, Président de l’association ArkéoTopia, une autre voie pour l’archéologie,” p.1-3.
CADECS is the Coordination des Associations de Développement Economique, Culturel et Social de Paris (coordination of Paris associations relating to economic, cultural and social development). Interview carried out by Matthieu Puttemans with our president. Reading can lend a new angle ArkéoTopia’s objectives and its position for anyone who would like to try to understand these in more depth. To download the letter, click on the image.

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