Who are we?

Board of Trustees

Jean-Olivier Gransard-Desmond - President

  • - PhD in Archaeology
  • - Specialist in human-animal relations
  • - Member of the EEA (European Association of Archaeologists)
  • - President and co-founder of ArkéoTopia

You would like to know more about him. The communication service investigates and reveals ArkeoTopia's creation in this interview in French.

Chris Esnault - General Secretary

  • - In charge of internal and external communication
  • - Communications officer, Events specialist
  • - General Secretary and Co-Founder of ArkéoTopia

A co-worker unlike others turned to archaeology after agrochemistry and the pharmaceutical industry. Discover how a post as communications officer can lead to getting involved in archaeology (in french).

Martine NionMarine Nion

  • - responsable administrative dans un Cabinet de Propriété Industrielle

C'est par le biais de l'enluminure et plus particulièrement du Livre de Kells que j'ai rejoins ArkéoTopia. Après deux années de participation à diverses activités, c'est avec plaisir que je souhaite consacrer un peu de mon temps à cette Association, dans le but de continuer un partage intellectuel et humain qui, je l'espère, répondra à nos attentes mutuelles.

Philippe RobinPhilippe Robin

  • - Financial Manager
  • - Head of Management and Finance at the French National Research Agency (Agence Nationale de la Recherche)

My keen interest in archaeology and scientific research quite naturally lead me to support ArkéoTopia from its first steps. Armed with a lot of experience within associations and my professional activity in finance and management of research projects, I endeavour to bring my time and energy to the association to help it grow.

Véronique Wiets Véronique Wiets

  • - urbaniste

Urbaniste, j'ai été habituée à planifier et gérer des projets de grande ampleur. Appréciant le caractère novateur et dynamique d'ArkéoTopia, c'est tout naturellement que j'ai songé apporter ma pierre à ce beau projet associatif.

ArkéoTopia’s Activity Leaders

Sophie BugnonSophie Bugnon

  • - PhD in Art History and Archeology form Paris West Nanterre (Paris X)
  • - Specialised in classical and hellenic Greec funeral art (Greece, Macedonia, Asia Minor and southern Italy)
  • - ArkéOdyssées Leader

Also a member of ASHHA-VKKS (Association Suisse des Historiens et Historiennes de l'Art/Vereinigung der Kunsthistorikerinnen und Kunsthistoriker in der Schweiz – Swiss Art Historian’s Association) due to my Franco-Swiss dual nationality and of GAAF (Groupement d'Anthropologie et d'Archéologie funéraire = Funerary Anthropology and Archaeology Group), I was a lecturer in hellenistic sculpture at the Université de Paris X-Nanterre before beign called on by ArkéoTopia to present the ArkéOdyssées, thereby contributing to quality scientific workshops whilst pursuing my research and publication work.

Chloé SchmidtSophie Bugnon

  • - Historian (Master’s) and Archeologist (Degree)
  • - Specialised in protohistoric periods, principally the Bronze Age in the Middle East
  • - ArkéOdyssées Leader


Being keen on history and archaeology, I joined ArkéoTopia with great interest: another way for archeology, offering a different approach to archeology from that practiced in France, and passionate activities. I bring my viewpoint and my knowledge to ArkéoTopia, cultivated by varied experiences and digs in France and abroad.

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