Brief Presentation of ArkéoTopia

ArkéoTopia is a young non-profit organization under the French law of 1901. Its aim is to give another perspective to archaeology today non-in order to better help existing bodies prepare that of tomorrow. By welcoming and supporting professionals, students, and French and foreign amateurs in the field, and by helping to popularize archaeological research and to champion it, ArkéoTopia aims to be a supplementary tool to current research.

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The association’s objectives

  • flechd linked to a category of heritage
  • flechd linked to the world of research in archaeology and anthropology
  • flechd arts, sciences, humanities, economic life, popularization

Commentary on the association’s objectives
The non-profit organisation ArkéoTopia, based in Paris (France), was created on 21 May 2007. It works towards creating a fresh perspective on archaeological research. Its objectives can be summarized under two main branches: contact with archaeology students and researchers, and the creation of stronger links between the wider public and the sphere of archaeological research.

In addition, ArkéoTopia undertakes scientific supervision of students and researchers. This is how ArkéoTopia contributes towards supervising and dynamizing the completion of research papers as well as serious research projects carried out by researchers outside of an institutional framework.

ArkéoTopia also offers to introduce the public to archaeological research from a different angle to that usually given, popularizing archaeology.

Geographical areas involved, in order of priority
flechd from local to international.
Since the association was only recently launched, the areas currently targeted are essentially local, county-wide, regional and european.

Fields of intervention

  • flechd popularization and development
  • flechd education and research
  • flechd professional training not leading to a qualification
  • flechd defence and promotion of archaeological research

Types of heritage involved

  • flechd archaeological
  • flechd museums
  • flechd history and memory
  • flechd all types of heritage

Principal activities

  • flechd classes and workshops
  • flechd conferences, debates, symposiums
  • flechd help with publication
  • flechd educational activities
  • flechd guided visits, tours
  • flechd exhibitions
Postal address:
ArkéoTopia, une autre voie pour l’archéologie
36 Reculet 78730 Longvilliers

ArkéoTopia - Maison des Associations du 7ème
4 rue Amélie 75007 Paris
+33(0) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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