Trip to Fayoum

Discover the Fayoum region with Anne Radigue. For this out of the way destination, Anne tells us about the cultural and natural wonders that she discovered in this region during her tourist trip in October 2019.

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Peru’s most beautiful archaeological sites

Present-day Peru has been the territory of numerous cultures. Still largely unknown, today the remains of these ancient civilizations constitute extremely important archaeological sites. In a series of posts, the Bloggers-travellers-photographers from the website present what they consider to be the most beautiful sites.

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Medieval Toys 1200-1500

What history and archaeology tell us about medieval toys between 1200-1500 AC in Europe? This article present a short synthesis on what we know and how we know about the children game from those periods.

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The corner of future archaeologists

If you are 5 to 15 years old, discover archeology and human civilizations with the universe of the World of Augustine in the company of the Augustine of your age. Join his friends Octave, Manon, Alex and Lisa for a journey into archaeology like you've never experienced it before.

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