Videos and surprises from My Archaeology Book

Videos ressources and surprises from My Archaeology Book, an activity workbook designed to combine learning and fun to help you discover archaeology, French heritage and the scientific method in general.

Videos, tutorials and Easter-eggs on My Archaeology Book

Videos and tutorials

Watch an introduction to the My Archaeology Book activity workbooks or discover Augustin’s world, those video are for you.
to get all their hidden treasures. Vous ne connaissez pas les cahiers de découverte et d'activités Mon cahier d'archéologie ou vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur le monde d'Augustin, ces vidéos sont faites pour vous.
They will reveal almost all the secrets of Augustin's fascinating world.
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The hidden surprises in My Archaeology Book 8 and up

In My Archaeology Book for kids 8 and up or MAB2, Augustin hid 3 Easter-eggs. He asked to his friend and poet Octave to provide clues on how to find each of the 3 hidden surprises in the workbook using your smartphone, tablet or computer thanks to the Aurasma / HP Reveal app. Can you find them?

Clue #1

For having finished many a step, you have earned a celebration
The answer starts with the letter “D”.

Clue #2

Give to the youngest what Dona could not
The answer is related to a picture for children from 5 to 8 in the workbook for children 8 and up.

Clue #3

From the words of the mother, a book’s overview you will discover
The answer refers to another publication in which Augustin goes on adventures with his friends.

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Couverture de Mon cahier d'archéologie pour les enfants non lecteurs Couverture de Mon cahier d'archéologie pour les enfants lecteurs

Mon cahier d'archéologie pour les non lecteurs 5/8 ans
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Mon cahier d'archéologie 2
pour les lecteurs de 8 à 16 ans

Tu as le bonjour d'Augustin 11 ans © Angibous-Esnault Ch.Tu as le bonjour d'Augustin 7 ans © Angibous-Esnault Ch.My Archaeology Book, or MAB, is an activity workbook that combines creativity, fun and learning. Alongside young Augustin, a curious and courageous boy, children meet Alex and Lisa, two friendly archaeologists who will lead them to discover archaeology and French heritage. Each drawing illustrates a situation that Alex and Lisa might encounter at work. Depending on the age of the child and the workbook, children follow easy-to-understand symbols in order to experiment with activities such as coloring, drawing, observation games, riddles and reading in order to see the world through an archaeologist’s eyes. Alone, with family, at school or just for fun, children expand their knowledge and gain skills, all while having fun.

On this section, you will find additional resources: color photos of archaeological documents that inspired My Archaeology Book, additional teaching documents (flip-book, websites, suggestions for classroom use, edutainement, etc.) and information on upcoming publications. Each page will be updated over time.