An association exists thanks to its members. However, we are most grateful to our generous donors and our numerous contributors for their tireless work.

We, as a result of this, want to express our sincere thanks to:

Mission Aventure - The Wall of Acknowledgements

We want to acknowledge our gratitude to all the volunteers who supported the crowd-funding of May 2018 on Dartagnans, as well as those who joined us later on. Let the mention of their names show our gratitude for their support.

  • Patrick Banuls
  • Bernard Barrault
  • Henry Beauchef
  • Gallic Beauchef
  • Fanny Bolomey
  • Annie Bryard
  • Sophie Bugnon
  • Lucien Castex
  • Jean Celier
  • Dimitri Chane-Tune
  • Vivian Crettol
  • Élodie Dupuis
  • Delphine Gacoin
  • Desmondine Gransard
  • Sonia Grenon
  • Matthieu Guerner
  • Danièle Jouanin
  • Michelle Mourman
  • Stéphane Pannoux
  • Florence Petit
  • Claire-Mélanie Popineau
  • Christian Portal
  • François Quentin
  • Dominique Rochard
  • Marc Rocheman
  • Michel et Bernadette Thibault