Défendre l'archéologieChampioning the scientific research in archaeology means contributing to a better heritage protection, to healthy and lasting relationships between the various actors of research (professionals, non professionals, citizens, politicians), to an evolution of knowledge and practices specific to archaeological research.

Discover the Spirit of ArkeoTopia and follow our actions in relation to the defense of archaeological research and more broadly of the to SHS (Social and Human science) in France, in Europe and on the international stage.

Is the teaching of history and geography threatened?

L’Association des professeurs d’histoire-géographie (APHG) a lancé un appel, samedi 5 décembre, pour le maintien d’un enseignement obligatoire d’Histoire et de Géographie en Terminale scientifique.
Si nous ne partageons pas la position de l’APHG dans la forme, regrettant notamment des paroles comme celles de Hubert Tison (Secrétaire Général de l’APHG), nous soutenons son travail dans le fond, jugeant indispensable le maintien d’un enseignement obligatoire d’Histoire et de Géographie en Terminale scientifique.

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Participate in the creation of a European Standard for cultural heritage

In 2019, the European working group CEN/TC 346/WG 14 “Monitoring of archaeological deposits” joined the standardization commission “Conservation of cultural heritage” (CNCBC) created in 2004. Public and private professionals as well as archaeological research volunteers are all concerned by the future standard about managing archaeological deposits. That’s why ArkéoTopia, another way for archeology® joined the European working group in December.

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Ethics and Archaeology - Case Studies

Organization chart of a better research practice for French archaeologyThe archaeological community is currently facing many ethical issues in its daily practice. The Archaeo-Ethics Symposium of 25-26 May 2018 provides an overview of this difficult subject. During the symposium, the constraints of contexts of intervention (armed conflicts, dictatorships, funeral archaeology), economic constraints (archaeological regulations and competition) as well as social constraints (between archaeologists and indigenous or local populations, as well as between professional and amateur archaeologists) were brought up. Among the discussions, the seminar “Professionals, Volunteers, Amateurs and Citizens: Research Actors for What Contributions?” proposes to revisit the contributions of non-professionals in order to consider solutions conducive to a redesign of relations between professional and non-professional actors. Objective: to improve heritage preservation while achieving quality results.

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What is really archaeology for?

How many times have we heard the following comments “Archeology is fascinating, but I think it is more useful to donate money for a healthcare or an NGO working in a developing country”. Of course, this choice seems obvious as archeology is still so much associated with dreams and a pleasant pastime with absolutely no consequences in our daily life. It is time to change this vision and to consent that archeology has got consequences in our daily life for more than two centuries now. Discover how archeology get a strong social impact in our daily lives and how it changes our understanding of the Stranger.

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