Illustration d'une mission ArkéoTopia en Nouvelle-CalédonieSearching, and even more importantly... finding... or more precisely, creating new knowledge of human technical cultures brings together the last two activities of ArkéoTopia. Without chronological or geographical limits, with ArkéoTopia the subjects can relate to France as well as the international, touching as much upon the first tools of the Paleolithic era as with the contemporary remains dear to industrial archeology.

In this section, you’ll find the research activities specific to the association: presentation of research projects, calls for research, survey reports, excavation reports, inventories ... as well as archaeological publications from our partners and stakeholders in the research we support.

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If you’re an archaeologist, art historian, historian, professional or volunteer anthropologist, or you come from another discipline, but your subject relates to human history, you can submit your article by writing via our form and respecting the following guidelines:

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If you’d like to learn more about ArkéoTopia’s research programs and the relationships we can build together, visit us at the Scientist profile, the Enthusiast profile, or the Student profile according to your status/interests.

Ireland in Paris – Archaeologists, tools at the ready

In the context of our Irish theme for the year 2009, the Centre Culturel Irlandais (Irish Cultural Centre – CCI) was a must to discover the history of the Irish and their community in France and Paris. So, on Wednesday 11th March, ArkéoTopia® brought together its members and a few curious souls for an ArkéOdyssée on-site followed by a discussion at the Saint-Hilaire pub.

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From plan to volume: a proposal for a methodology in computer science applied to archaeology

To develop the methodology in archeology, Prof. Margueron conducted an analysis crossing the work of architects and archaeologists. With computer knowledge of Dr. Gransard-Desmond and his intervention at the Red House at Mari site (Syria), a communication resulted from this « From plan to volume: the need for archaeological analysis in 3D modeling » at the Journées d'Informatique et Archéologie de Paris (JIAP) 2010.

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Chinese nephrite distribution in Europe

Following the discovering of a complete heavy ormamental set of an equestrian warrior from a rich Thracian necropolis at Chatalka in the Stara Zagora region (Bulgaria), É. Gonthier, R. I. Kostov and E. Strack present "A Han-dated ‘hydra’-type nephrite scabbard slide found in Chatalka (Bulgaria): the earliest and most distant example of Chinese nephrite distribution in Europe".

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