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With My Archaeology Book, children will enter the world of archeology in an educational and fun way. To become budding archaeologists, they will perform many missions where coloring, drawing, observation games, puzzles, reading and many other surprises await them. On the way will lead them to the discovery of French and foreign heritage, they will be accompanied by Augustine and all his friends.

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Chinese nephrite distribution in Europe

Following the discovering of a complete heavy ormamental set of an equestrian warrior from a rich Thracian necropolis at Chatalka in the Stara Zagora region (Bulgaria), É. Gonthier, R. I. Kostov and E. Strack present "A Han-dated ‘hydra’-type nephrite scabbard slide found in Chatalka (Bulgaria): the earliest and most distant example of Chinese nephrite distribution in Europe".

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Is it possible to improve the analysis of an archaeological dig without being the one digging?

Does archaeological research only consist in digging? Asking this is to risk getting involved in a sensitive subject which always divides the archaeological scientific community, between the old school ones and the ones from mediation theory. On February 22, 2014, Prof. Margueron reopened the debate that led to the article of Dr. Gransard-Desmond: "Is it possible to improve the analysis of an archaeological dig without being the one digging?".

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