Medieval Toys 1200-1500

What history and archaeology tell us about medieval toys between 1200-1500 AC in Europe? This article present a short synthesis on what we know and how we know about the children game from those periods.

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The corner of future archaeologists

If you are 5 to 15 years old, discover archeology and human civilizations with the universe of the World of Augustine in the company of the Augustine of your age. Join his friends Octave, Manon, Alex and Lisa for a journey into archaeology like you've never experienced it before.

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Archaeological Bibliography

The following references are aimed at children as well as teenagers, adults, students and the amateur archaeologists who wish to discover or broaden their knowledge of archaeology. We made sure to gather the most recent books and articles in order to give the most complete overview possible of what archaeology is as the science of the man-made object for men to use. Many important books and articles exist in other languages, but we have prioritized English-speaking texts. However, you will find also references in French and in other languages when it was needed. The division of the more specialized part answers a desire to distinguish what is specific to archaeology and what archaeologists use from other disciplines.

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