Augustin, the 7 years old archaeologistAugustin, the 11 years old archaeologistIn the section “Augustin’s Resources”, you will find resources on archaeology for young ones from 5 to 15 included:

You will also find many other resources related to Augustin’s archaeological universe: tips from archaeologists, poetry, videos, games, drawings, etc. And to write to Augustin or to his friends Octave the poet, Manon the engineer, Alex and Lisa the archaeologists, just use the contact form on our website to share your drawings, photographs, jokes about archaeology and many more that Augustin’s gang will be happy to share with all the community.

Reading, a child’s play

Fairies vs Facts: from reading to theater

Discover how a short educational fiction movie can instill in young people the love of reading while allowing them to get acquainted with scientific education and its language through archaeology.

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Tip for an aspiring archaeologist, the word hunt

The Archaeology Buddies Word Hunt Game

Cover thumbnail of the novel Panic at the castleOoh there! There are sometimes overly complicated words in Augustin's stories! Do not panic. The best thing is to organize yourself like Augustin and his friends. Every good scientist needs to write often, whether it is to keep a memory of a great idea or to gather information about the remains that he or she finds and even to go back on learned words. The Word Hunt is a game that will allow children to do as archaeologists do.
Ready for the Word Hunt? Let us get technical!

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An archaeological short story for all

Archaeologists without borders

Augustin's archaeologist friends, Alex and Lisa, appear for the first time in a science short story entitled "Archaeologists without borders". A short story that will delight young and old alike while helping them discover how archaeology is a lever for bringing people together and teaching tolerance..

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Animals from My Archaeology Book

My Archaeology Book - Animal Secrets

A welcome from Augustin and his animals friendsIn my My Archaeology Book, there are many animals which accompany Augustin and his archaeologist friends Alex and Lisa. Unveil the secrets of the animals from My Archaeology Book for children from 5 to 16 years old, thanks to this page in which you will find a list presenting the animals, their names and their function.

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