Augustin, the 7 years old archaeologistAugustin, the 11 years old archaeologistIn the section “Augustin’s Resources”, you will find resources on archaeology for young ones from 5 to 15 included:

You will also find many other resources related to Augustin’s archaeological universe: tips from archaeologists, poetry, videos, games, drawings, etc. And to write to Augustin or to his friends Octave the poet, Manon the engineer, Alex and Lisa the archaeologists, just use the contact form on our website to share your drawings, photographs, jokes about archaeology and many more that Augustin’s gang will be happy to share with all the community.

What is an Archaeological Excavation?

My Archaeology Book - Step 5.4, Archaeological Land-Based Excavation

Join Augustin, Alex, Lisa and the whole ArkeoTopia team to discover additional resources for step 5.4 in My Archaeology Book about excavation, or more specifically land-based excavation, one of many methods used in archaeology.

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