“Étudions à l’étranger”, an essential source of information for studying abroad

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Created in 2010 on the initiative of Jean-Baptiste Charnet, Étudions à l’étranger – Study abroad in English – is a French website dedicated to students eager to study abroad any subject, from high school to post-graduate level. It is aimed both at students wishing to take part in exchange or partner programs and at those applying independently.

Why create a website for studying abroad?

Étudions à l'étranger website logoIf the current situation has largely improved, two years ago the information available on the Internet for studying abroad was scarce or difficult to find in French. Étudions à l’étranger was therefore created in order to provide as much free information as possible on the subject.

With only ten or so countries to begin with, the website now offers over twenty destinations and numerous files, with new articles being added each week. Whether by email, the forum or the Facebook page, the website has become popular with Internet users who have visited it, which encourages us to continue offering an even larger source of quality content.

How was the website created?

After having learnt different programming languages and search engine optimisation rules, Jean-Baptiste Charnet was able to gather useful information in order to build up the portal. Sourced essentially from English and Spanish websites, the material was translated into French and summarised gradually before being shared on the portal.

What is the aim of the Étudions à l’étranger portal?

The goal of the portal is to offer a maximum of accessible free information to study in various countries around the globe, thereby helping high school and university students to become more mobile throughout Europe and the world. With weekly or even daily website upkeep and regular collaborations with other actors in the field, the Étudions à l’étranger portal hopes to become one day the leading French-language portal for studying abroad!

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