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My Archaeology Book, Step 5.4, Land-based excavationArkeoTopia regularly creates edutainment resources based on archaeology, cultural heritage and science.

Your children don't like to read!
Introduce them to Fairies vs. Facts, from reading to the theater, an edutainment short film that will allow them to play with their friends and family while introducing them to reading and scientific culture and language through archaeology.

Discover also our reviews of children's books, interviews with actors of education and archaeology as well as the latest news on archaeology on our social networks without forgetting our critical bibliography intended for families and educational actors.

In addition, by choosing to join the association as a family, you will have access to our ArkaeoSources, a media library specialized in archaeology with books, children's albums and comics, articles, sound documents, videos and multimedia, and also websites.

Our latest educational resources:

Our latest articles for young people:

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Couverture du roman archéologique Panique au châteauWhether it's for a special event such as a birthday or Christmas or to surprise someone on some other occasion, offer an original gift!

Through the fantastic universe of Augustin's World, children from 5 to 14 years old will live through extraordinary archaeological adventures:

And to continue the adventure while supporting ArkeoTopia, discover our goodies:

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ArkéoKids - Animation culturelle sur l'orfèvrerie égpyptienne Discover our next events in the agenda and the news of the association.

Click on the order button present in each article to order leisure activities, cultural activities and scientific activities (1) from us.
Our latest animations for children with ArkaeoKids:

ArkéoKids - Animation scientifique sur la métallurgie celteWe also offer guided tours with the ArkaeOdyssey which will take you on side paths to discover places rich in history and stories. If the face-to-face visits are mainly Parisian and can be arranged, on request, for a family, we can also offer remote visits. We perfectly master the management of virtual meetings with comments, photos, videos, decoding and interactive exchanges. Some of our ArkaeOdyssey taking place in museums can be the subject of a virtual visit. Discover our ArkaeOdyssey:

We also provide other services on demand such as music concerts with ArkaeoRock, society game meetings around archaeology and cultural heritage as well as research discoveries using Playmobil. You can get an overview of our past outreach activities with:

How to become an archaeologist?

This question comes up frequently. That's why, in its training section, ArkeoTopia offers a few possible answers with our article ArkeoTopia: a guide for your studies and our resources on orientation, including the following recent articles:

ArkeoTopia and education

ArkéoKids au collège Gabriel Fauré sur l'Irlande celtiqueArkeoTopia, another way for archaeology, has a vocation to take a different look at today's archaeology to better help existing organizations prepare for tomorrow's archaeology. This is why we attach fundamental importance to the quality of the mediation actions as well as to the orientation and training of young people

To find out more about our association, find the articles dedicated to it on the web, on paper, on the radio and on television by following our sections of press and life of the association:

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1. In a leisure activity such as birthdays or board games, the game aspect is what matters. On the other hand, a cultural event will insist more on the transmission of knowledge. As for scientific activities, they will link knowledge, skills and behavior specific to the work of archaeologists. To go further, our article The Organization of Educational Rhythms, a different learning time from school in France flechh

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