Panic at the castle. Three archaeological adventures

Couverture de Panique au château, les premières aventures archéologiques d'Augustin

Suspense, humor, poetry, action, friendship are there for you in Panic at the castle by the author Christiane Angibous-Esnault. Meet the protagonists of Augustin's archaeological world: Augustin – apprentice archaeologist, Octave – the poet, and Manon – engineer in the making, and join them in some incredible adventures of the amazing universe of archaeological research.

Panic at the castle. Three archaeological stories from Augustin’s World

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Augustin has grown up. He is now eleven, and so are his friends Octave and Manon. Still as daring and curious as ever, he ends up in a bunch of adventures! Following the footsteps of his grand-father, an archaeologist, he will accomplish the mission he has given himself: comprehend and defend the historical heritage.

Despite the pitfalls, the bandits, the mysteries and the looters, the three buddies don’t hesitate to interfere in grown ups business in order to resolve the most dangerous investigations. Nothing stop them!

Whether it is the missing of the Dourdan museum curator, who hides a mysterious discovery, or facing the obstacles to solve the enigma of the ancient human settlements in the mythic Brocéliande forest, or the strange lights appearing on the Houat island, these are only some of the thrilling adventures that Augustin and his friends will embark on.

While mixing humor, poetry and bequeathed notions about Houat island, Brocéliande and Dourdan as well as existing people and places, this novel intertwines three sorts of stories: friendship, adventure and investigation. It will allow children to discover the universe of archaeology in a way that is both fun and instructive.

This is a book to read on your own as well as in company, to share its poetry and its challenge on how to tell facts from fiction by researching on the Internet the sources used by the author.You will be surprised!

Book pitch

In this first volume you will follow the lead of
3 heroes: Augustin the researcher, Octave the poet, and Manon the engineer, who will share with you
3 stories through which you will discover
3 literary genres: adventure, friendship and investigation which take place on
3 locations: Houat island, the Brocéliande forest and the Dourdan castle, and will address
3 archaeology-related topics: the problem of looting, the question of sources of information and the issue of credit misappropriation for archaeological discoveries in the academic community, introduced by
3 bonuses: the biography of the heroes and their families, Augustin’s tips on how to have fun with a dictionary by discovering new words and an illustrated presentation of real and imaginary facts regarding the places where the stories take place.

Further activities inspired by this book

Transforming silent reading into theatrical readings in group: On the page Reading, a child’s play, discover how a short film of pedagogical fiction can instill love for reading in children and teen-agers and allows them to approach scientific culture and its language through archaeology.

Playing Words Hunt:On the page Tip for an aspiring archaeologist - the Word Hunt, find out how a dictionary can become your children’s best play buddy. It is a board game to play with friends, family or on your own to learn new words in a fun way.

Pretend to be an archaeologist with Discovery notebooks: My archaeology book for children 5 to 8 and middle age 8 to 16 years old. These notebooks teach them different stages of archaeological research through different missions specially conceived for their age.

About the author

Chris Esnault, Augustin's World creatorChristiane Angibous-Esnault was born in Paris in 1947. She is a surprising multi-talented artist, whose interests span a wide variety of disciplines, from poetry to painting, to photography, music and science. She was first awarded La Rose de Dourdan, a prize for poetry, in 1987, and many others followed since. In 1995 she won a special prize at the Grand Prix de la Plume Lorraine for her short story Suns and swamps (Soleils et marécages). In 2008 she created the first Augustin’s Adventures. The exhibition of her photographs and watercolor paintings entitled Egypt of Men and Gods (Égypte, des Dieux et des Hommes) in Ville d’Avray and at the Roë abbey is a success, opening her the doors of the Parisian Center of Egyptian Culture for an exhibition in 2005. Since 2007 she is the General Secretary and Communication Officer at ArkeoTopia, an alternative approach to archaeology a non-profit organization, offering her talent for storytelling for the benefit of science education aimed at the youngest audience and enriching Augustin's World with numerous stories of which the present volume is merely a part.
You can find out the latest news about her through the website

Panic at the castle. Three archaeological stories - Price: 14.90 €
Format: 200 X 135 mm - 324 pages Paperback with black-and-white text and color cover art. Revised and corrected, with the addition of the Words Hunt game, to entertain yourself with discovering difficult words, and of an illustrated index on the actual and the fictitious in Augustin’s Adventures.
Author: Christiane Angibous-Esnault
Illustrations: Nicolas Béraud, Pascal Mobihan et Christiane Angibous-Esnault
Scientific advisor: Dr. J.-O. Gransard-Desmond, PhD, archaeologist and science educator
Publisher: Éditions Tautem (Avril 2019) - ISBN-13 ou EAN: 979-10-97230-19-7

I have just read "Panic at the castle". It’s a refreshing book that reads easily. When presented with reality in an intelligent way, as in this work, children are able to develop positive critical thinking.
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