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Presentation of a Gallic doorway by Gabriel-Fauré collège's 5ème 3 class

The ceremony in which Ms Nabila Souabertook's 5ème 3 class of 12 to 13 year-olds officially handed over the door to ArkéoTopia, an alternative approach to archaeology took place in the late afternoon of 20th November 2012 at the secondary school collège Gabriel-Fauré (75013). The ceremony brought an end to a series of workshops and presentations which took place in early 2012 within the remit of a Cultural and Artistic Project (Projet Culturel et Artistique - PAC) around the theme of Celtic culture, in which raising awareness of scientific culture and techniques were given pride of place.

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ArkeoTopia exhibits

Paris blocked by the strikes did not prevent the public, facing the cold of the immense structure sheltering the 6th Forum of Associations of Paris at the Champ de Mars, to visit the Culture Village where ArkeoTopia stand was located.

Not less than around hundred people stopped and asked for information, intrigued and interested by this new concept and the possibility of satisfying their curiosity of impassioned amateurs of archaeology.

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An association exists thanks to its members. However, we are most grateful to our generous donors and our numerous contributors for their tireless work.

We, as a result of this, want to express our sincere thanks to:

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