ArkeoTopia missions and activities

ArkeoTopia is for everyone, not only for archaeology and heritage professionals. To know more about our activities and even meet us to discuss them, please discover our different actions and join us on occasion. The activities of ArkeoTopia are divided into 5 main themes:

Scientific Popularization

  • Arkaeo Secrets and ArkaeoKids for our pedagogy branch, science and cultural workshops for children and teenagers
  • Edutainment resources with the collection of The World of Augustin like My Archaeology Book, the archaeological adventures of Augustin books and free resources associated to this universe
  • ArkaeOdysseys, discovery tours of museums, heritage places and other surprises in Paris and elsewhere
  • conferences which will make you discover the Human History through its artistic productions, but also its technical productions
  • Scientific and cultural events participation in local (Summer of Solidarity in the 7th arrondissement), national (Fête de la Science), European (European Heritage Days, European Researchers’ Night) or international (National Archaeology Day)

General Education and Vocational Training

Scientific Research

  • ArkéoTopia’s members and the organization carry out research activities from the participation in colloquiums to the follow-up of programmed excavations through the Meetings around European Archaeology (MEA).

Defense of the Interests of Archaeological Research

  • Championing the scientific research in archaeology through its own projects like Arkethics or in association with public and private existing organizations like Afnor expertise, ArkeoTopia helps to defend the interests of archaeological research in France and around the world.

Participation in Research Effort

If you can't see the videos, follow the links for the capsule History, a challenge for the future (English subtitling)
and the capsule The 5 pillars of ArkeoTopia (English subtitling)

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Scientists and volunteers, a delicate balance

Tessons d'une amphore gallo-romaine © SPFER, mai 2021

These days, the term "volunteer" is regularly overused and thrown about. Before reflecting on the pros and cons of voluntary contributions to science, we must agree on its definition. Contrary to popular belief, volunteers are typically qualified in a particular area, in this case, research. They carry out their work without compensation, outside of, or on top of, their profession. So, what does it mean to be a volunteer archaeologist?

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Read Aloud to Support Archaeology

Read Aloud to Support Archaeology

Together, let’s make archaeology heard around the world! Join us on social media to read aloud a passage of your choosing during the year. Let’s promote archaeology through the hashtag #IReadArchaeo.

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Amateur scientists, the unsung heroes of archaeology

Anne Radigue, amateur archaeologist on the Rozel excavation site

Amateur” may sound like a derogatory term, as it is generally associated with a lack of know-how. As a result, amateur scientists are often unfairly sidelined within the world of archaeological research, being held in low esteem or disdained. However, they play a key role and can make important discoveries. Let’s investigate who they are and why they should not be overlooked but instead included within the archaeological community.

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