The Great Buddhas of Bamiyan

The Great Buddha of Bamiyan © Photographic Archives of the NMAAG

For the 20th anniversary of the tragedy that destroyed the great Buddhas of Bamiyan, explore the exhibition Pictures and people, Bamiyan 20 years later (Des images et des hommes, Bâmiyân 20 ans après) at the National Museum of Asian Arts - Guimet (Musée National des Arts Asiatiques - Guimet) taking place from February 4 - June 21, 2021. Read the report from our representative Dominique Rochard’s visit..

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Prehistoric nursery rhymes

On July 27th 2020, ArkeoTopia met with Aurélie Pettoello for an interview. Author of a collection of nursery rhymes about human prehistory titled Prehistoric nursery rhymes (Comptines préhistoriques), published by L’Hydre, this prehistory enthusiast spoke with us about the origin of the project and the future of this beautiful collection, which is unfortunately currently out of stock.

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Complex Worldviews during Antiquity

The iconogenetic method, with the example of a detail in the painting Investiture of Zimri-Lim (Syria), in the Louvre Museum (Paris) © Gransard-Desmond, 2004

By experimenting with the biological sex and the symbolic sex of animals, our ancestors left for us evidence of their high level of abstraction and their understanding of the world, more complex than we had previously imagined. iconography of the Near East tells us about the complex thinking of Bronze Age Syrians.

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Mysteries of Kunara

Clay tablet found on Site C © French archaeological mission in Piramagrun

A few miles southwest of Sulaymaniyah in Iraqi Kurdistan, the French archaeological mission of Piramagrun has been excavating the site of Kunara since 2012. The unearthed city, dating back to the third millennium BCE, was revealed to have unique characteristics and a shroud of mystery around its founding people..

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Review - 100 key words on Neolithic Europe

Review - Pétrequin and the Prehistory of the Jura and Neolithic Europe in 100 key words, 2021

Book coverThe richly documented and illustrated work La Préhistoire du Jura et l'Europe néolithique en 100 mots-clés (Prehistory of the Jura and Neolithic Europe in 100 key words) by Pierre and Anne-Marie Pétrequin , published by Presses universitaires de Franche-Comté in the Cahiers de la MSHE Claude Nicolas Ledoux collection, takes a look back on forty-five years of archaeological research in the Jura. With this general survey published in June 2021, readers can retrace the history of the first farmers between 5300 and 2400 BCE.

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