Complex Worldviews during Antiquity

The iconogenetic method, with the example of a detail in the painting Investiture of Zimri-Lim (Syria), in the Louvre Museum (Paris) © Gransard-Desmond, 2004

By experimenting with the biological sex and the symbolic sex of animals, our ancestors left for us evidence of their high level of abstraction and their understanding of the world, more complex than we had previously imagined. iconography of the Near East tells us about the complex thinking of Bronze Age Syrians.

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Review - 100 key words on Neolithic Europe

Review - Pétrequin and the Prehistory of the Jura and Neolithic Europe in 100 key words, 2021

Book coverThe richly documented and illustrated work La Préhistoire du Jura et l'Europe néolithique en 100 mots-clés (Prehistory of the Jura and Neolithic Europe in 100 key words) by Pierre and Anne-Marie Pétrequin , published by Presses universitaires de Franche-Comté in the Cahiers de la MSHE Claude Nicolas Ledoux collection, takes a look back on forty-five years of archaeological research in the Jura. With this general survey published in June 2021, readers can retrace the history of the first farmers between 5300 and 2400 BCE.

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Technical Drawing in Archaeology

Step 6.2, Drawing an Artifact for Study in My Archaeology Book

Join Augustin, Alex, Lisa and the whole ArkeoTopia team to discover additional resources for step 6.2 in My Archaeology Book about using artifact illustrations in the lab and the drawing techniques used to make them.

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Specialist despite myself: An interview with Jacques Dassié

Manuel d'archéologie aérienne de Jacques Dassié

ArkeoTopia initially contacted Jacques Dassié when he participated in the 2017 edition of the Wiki Loves Monuments photographic contest. On the occasion of the 2020 edition, our journalist Justine Janpaule grabbed her chance for an exclusive interview to find out more about his beginnings as a French pioneer of aerial archaeology. We take a look back at his passion that came about by chance and resulted in photos that will benefit the entire scientific community when they are released on Wikimedia Commons in a few months’ time.

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Wear Patterns Reveal the Past

Step 6.1, Analyzing Use-Wear on Objects from My Archaeology Book

Join Augustin, Alex, Lisa and the whole ArkeoTopia team to explore additional resources for step 6.1 of My Archaeology Book on analyzing archaeological remains in the lab by studying traces of wear that indicate how the artifact was used.

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