Supporting archaeological research

As any other scientific discipline, archaeology requires a financial and human investment which often exceeds the means at its disposal. To the extent of its capabilities, ArkéoTopia, another way for archaeology, is participating in the research effort with the belief that it is the small streams that make the big rivers.

Small streams make big rivers

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By helping to achieve both simple and more complex tasks, we can all contribute to the advancement of scientific research in archaeology. Since its creation in May 2007, ArkéoTopia, another way for archaeology, has helped both support and sustain research by providing services for:

  • proofreading of articles and monographs in archaeology (spelling, grammar, content) with scientists from the Musée de l’Homme and from the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS),
  • papers publication by scientists and making them available online in the Missions - Research section,
  • connecting professionals according to the needs expressed by the organisations and relations of ArkéoTopia (putting an archaeologist specialising in the Gallo-Roman archaeology in contact with the Musée de Coulommiers to facilitate the establishment of their inventory),
  • digitization or retouching of images, material analysis (assignment of function to artefacts for the Artefacts program led by Michel Feugère - CNRS),
  • finding of partners for the realisation of research work (finding of laboratories and industrial companies to help in the research by Christopher Kilgore on Palaeolithic rope; Artefacts program with the Ministry of Culture running Joconde and with the European program Ariadne),
  • logistics such as assistance for setting up and storing equipment for occasional events (the Asnep association for Heritage Days; the French Wiki Loves Monuments contest around cultural heritage for the selection of photos and organization),
  • representing archaeology to interface with local projects (hosting the stand for Wikimedia France), national projects (archaeologists presenting the Artefacts project at EAA and reporting on French work in international conferences), and also European projects (administrator to represent the French contribution to the Disco project),
  • enrichment of knowledge bases such as Wikipedia (Access to WikiTopia party workshops),
  • assistance in the communication of actions contributing to research (assistance in the production of the flyer presenting the Artefacts program; article on the European Association of Archaeologists in the journal Archéologia; attendance at WikiData workshops and dissemination on networks) or to its promotion (training workshops as part of WikiTopia party),
  • funding to facilitate training actions related to archaeology (material for Mylène Trouillet's Master's thesis),
  • expertise on setting up research tasks (experimental protocol, writing an excavation report, writing a scientific article, taking pictures for scientific purposes, etc.), development tasks (setting up exhibitions) and project management for international organisations (HCEHCR committee), associations (Caledonian sea fortunes, Pandrata Circle) and volunteer archaeologists.
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