Défendre l'archéologieChampioning the scientific research in archaeology means contributing to a better heritage protection, to healthy and lasting relationships between the various actors of research (professionals, non professionals, citizens, politicians), to an evolution of knowledge and practices specific to archaeological research.

Discover the Spirit of ArkeoTopia and follow our actions in relation to the defense of archaeological research and more broadly of the to SHS (Social and Human science) in France, in Europe and on the international stage.

Scientists and volunteers, a delicate balance

Tessons d'une amphore gallo-romaine © SPFER, mai 2021

These days, the term "volunteer" is regularly overused and thrown about. Before reflecting on the pros and cons of voluntary contributions to science, we must agree on its definition. Contrary to popular belief, volunteers are typically qualified in a particular area, in this case, research. They carry out their work without compensation, outside of, or on top of, their profession. So, what does it mean to be a volunteer archaeologist?

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Amateur scientists, the unsung heroes of archaeology

Anne Radigue, amateur archaeologist on the Rozel excavation site

Amateur” may sound like a derogatory term, as it is generally associated with a lack of know-how. As a result, amateur scientists are often unfairly sidelined within the world of archaeological research, being held in low esteem or disdained. However, they play a key role and can make important discoveries. Let’s investigate who they are and why they should not be overlooked, but instead included within the archaeological community.

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Participate in the creation of a European Standard for cultural heritage

In 2019, the European working group CEN/TC 346/WG 14 “Monitoring of archaeological deposits” joined the standardization commission “Conservation of cultural heritage” (CNCBC) created in 2004. Public and private professionals as well as archaeological research volunteers are all concerned by the future standard about managing archaeological deposits. That’s why ArkéoTopia, another way for archeology® joined the European working group in December.

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