Solidarity between associations in Paris 7th

Ten associations met in the House of Associations (MdA) in Paris 7th, on Tuesday November 20, 2007 for the Week of the International solidarity.

On request of the director of MdA, Mrs. Christine Tible-Gregoire, associations exposed their difficulties and the solutions which they could bring. It was thus the occasion to propose to share the experiments of each one, to help to improve work of all of them, in the shape of a small guide which she proposes to work out, and to place at disposal of associations of MdA.

ArkéoTopia à la MdA7It was also the occasion for ArkéoTopia to indicate in what extend archaeology also fits to a soliradity approach. Jean-Olivier Gransard-Desmond, his president, pointed out that archaeology is one of the tools of the Identity and consequently, to intervene so that each country can recover its identity, constitutes a step to solidarity.

In addition, the fact that each country works to get a better knowledge of its inheritance leads to multiply new approaches and open new perspectives among scientific community, for a better comprehension of the past.

Facilitate cultural exchanges and bring a better knowledge to everybody, makes possiible for anybody to improve its look on world and the other. Indeed, in spite of the “facilities” that technologies of today gives, we still know very little about this “other”, either he lives close to us in France or at thousands of kilometers, in countries that we still consider too often as exotic.

In this context, even if ArkéoTopia is a very young Association, its borders do not stop at the 7th district of Paris, but extend everywhere it can be useful.

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