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Board of Trustees

Jean-Olivier Gransard-DesmondJean-Olivier Gransard-Desmond - President

  • PhD in Archaeology
  • Specialist in human-animal relations
  • Member of the EEA (European Association of Archaeologists)
  • President and co-founder of ArkéoTopia

You would like to know more about him. The communication service investigates and reveals ArkeoTopia's creation in this interview in French.

Christiane Angibous-Esnault - General Secretary

  • In charge of internal and external communication
  • Communications officer, Events specialist
  • General Secretary and Co-Founder of ArkéoTopia

A co-worker unlike others turned to archaeology after agrochemistry and the pharmaceutical industry. Discover how a post as communications officer can lead to getting involved in archaeology (in french) and find more about her on her personnal web site www.angibous-esnault.fr.

Margarida AtaïdeMargarida Ataïde - Administrator

  • PHD in Archaeology
  • Specialist in medieval funerary archaeology
  • Sworn translator and interpreter

Combining my passion and my profession, I joined ArkeoTopia as a translator volunteer in 2019. I also contribute to the WikiTopia Archives program. I particularly appreciate its edutainement projects and popularization of archeology as well as its international expansion to disseminate science outreach in a broader view.

Sophie Beauchef-BugnonSophie Beauchef-Bugnon - Administrator

  • PhD in Art History and Archeology
  • Specialist in the Greek funerary arts of the classical and Hellenistic eras

As a French and Swiss citizen, I am a member of several associations dealing with Archeology, Art History and Anthropology in both countries. I taught Art and Archeology of Ancient Greek for several years at the Paris Nanterre University. Since I attach great importance to high standards of scientific mediation geared towards a large audience, I started out as facilitator within the association. Nowadays, I actively support a wide range of their activities.

Gallic BeauchefGallic Beauchef - Administrator

  • PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Laboratory Head for a major cosmetic group

Curious about various scientific disciplines and keen to get involved in the associative sector, I wanted to participate in the ArkéoTopia adventure, to expand my knowledge in Archeology and Social Science. I help the association by managing different tasks: administration, photographic reporting, preparation of materials, etc.

Réjane MatriconRéjane Matricon - Administrator

  • Marketing Digital diploma
  • Sales consultant

I discovered the world of archeology thanks to ArkeoTopia with a mission as Community Manager for the social media accounts of the youngest Augustin. Currently, I pursue with pleasure my participation to the association with my new role.
I particularly appreciate the diversity of the association's actions aimed to all audiences, its professionalism, its international dimension and its dynamic and friendly team.

Théo-Txomin QuirceThéo-Txomin Quirce - Administrator

  • Granted from a double Master in archaeology
  • Current studies in Archives and archive professions at Poitiers

I joined the association in April 2020 as an archeological technician on the Artefacts project. This activity allowed me to propose other projects for the association both in science and in the popularization of research, which led me to wish to support it as an administrator.

Anne RadigueAnne Radigue - Administrator

  • Granted from an International Relations with a Southeast Asia specialty
  • Cybersecurity consultant, in a private consulting firm

Joining ArkeoTopia allows me to learn more about archeology and to get involved in a tangible way regarding the field. I have written articles for the site (« Experience: amateur on an archaeological excavation », « Trip to Fayoum »). I participate to the scientific programs like Artefacts and WikiTopia Archives as the current association life.

Dominique RochardDominique Rochard - Administrator

  • Retired from public relations, events and sponsorship in a big firm

I joined Arkeotopia from the beginning of the adventure, mostly for friendship, but since I really took a pleasure to this fascinating discipline. I help the association in various areas: translation, administration, proofreading and field actions.

ArkéoTopia’s Activity Leaders

Sophie BugnonSophie Bugnon

  • - PhD in Art History and Archeology form Paris West Nanterre (Paris X)
  • - Specialised in classical and hellenic Greec funeral art (Greece, Macedonia, Asia Minor and southern Italy)
  • - ArkéOdyssées Leader

Also a member of ASHHA-VKKS (Association Suisse des Historiens et Historiennes de l'Art/Vereinigung der Kunsthistorikerinnen und Kunsthistoriker in der Schweiz – Swiss Art Historian’s Association) due to my Franco-Swiss dual nationality and of GAAF (Groupement d'Anthropologie et d'Archéologie funéraire = Funerary Anthropology and Archaeology Group), I was a lecturer in hellenistic sculpture at the Université de Paris X-Nanterre before beign called on by ArkéoTopia to present the ArkéOdyssées, thereby contributing to quality scientific workshops whilst pursuing my research and publication work.


Sylvain ReySylvain Rey

  • archaeologist (Master)
  • Specialised in french medieval period
  • Science ambassador for Archaeology Secrets and ArkeoKids


Élodie RottéÉlodie Rotté

  • archaeologist (Master) and trained in science education in particular for archaeology
  • Specialised in Iron Age and beginning of hellenic period in Egypt and around
  • Science educator for ArkeoKids


Being keen on history and archaeology, I joined ArkéoTopia with great interest: another way for archeology, offering a different approach to archeology from that practiced in France, and passionate activities. I bring my viewpoint and my knowledge to ArkéoTopia, cultivated by varied experiences and digs in France and abroad.

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