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Board of Trustees

Jean-Olivier Gransard-DesmondJean-Olivier Gransard-Desmond - President

  • PhD in Archaeology
  • Specialist in human-animal relations
  • Member of the EEA (European Association of Archaeologists)
  • President and co-founder of ArkéoTopia

You would like to know more about him. The communication service investigates and reveals ArkeoTopia's creation in this interview in French.

Christiane Angibous-Esnault - General Secretary

  • In charge of internal and external communication
  • Communications officer, Events specialist
  • General Secretary and Co-Founder of ArkéoTopia

A co-worker unlike others turned to archaeology after agrochemistry and the pharmaceutical industry. Discover how a post as communications officer can lead to getting involved in archaeology (in french) and find more about her on her personnal web site www.angibous-esnault.fr.

Sophie Beauchef-BugnonSophie Beauchef-Bugnon - Administrator

  • PhD in Art History and Archeology
  • Specialist in the Greek funerary arts of the classical and Hellenistic eras

As a French and Swiss citizen, I am a member of several associations dealing with Archeology, Art History and Anthropology in both countries. I taught Art and Archeology of Ancient Greek for several years at the Paris Nanterre University. Since I attach great importance to high standards of scientific mediation geared towards a large audience, I started out as facilitator within the association. Nowadays, I actively support a wide range of their activities.

Gallic BeauchefGallic Beauchef - Administrator

  • PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Laboratory Head for a major cosmetic group

Curious about various scientific disciplines and keen to get involved in the associative sector, I wanted to participate in the ArkéoTopia adventure, to expand my knowledge in Archeology and Social Science. I help the association by managing different tasks: administration, photographic reporting, preparation of materials, etc.

ArkéoTopia’s Activity Leaders

Sophie BugnonSophie Bugnon

  • - PhD in Art History and Archeology form Paris West Nanterre (Paris X)
  • - Specialised in classical and hellenic Greec funeral art (Greece, Macedonia, Asia Minor and southern Italy)
  • - ArkéOdyssées Leader

Also a member of ASHHA-VKKS (Association Suisse des Historiens et Historiennes de l'Art/Vereinigung der Kunsthistorikerinnen und Kunsthistoriker in der Schweiz – Swiss Art Historian’s Association) due to my Franco-Swiss dual nationality and of GAAF (Groupement d'Anthropologie et d'Archéologie funéraire = Funerary Anthropology and Archaeology Group), I was a lecturer in hellenistic sculpture at the Université de Paris X-Nanterre before beign called on by ArkéoTopia to present the ArkéOdyssées, thereby contributing to quality scientific workshops whilst pursuing my research and publication work.


Sylvain ReySylvain Rey

  • archaeologist (Master)
  • Specialised in french medieval period
  • Science ambassador for Archaeology Secrets and ArkeoKids


Élodie RottéÉlodie Rotté

  • archaeologist (Master) and trained in science education in particular for archaeology
  • Specialised in Iron Age and beginning of hellenic period in Egypt and around
  • Science educator for ArkeoKids


Being keen on history and archaeology, I joined ArkéoTopia with great interest: another way for archeology, offering a different approach to archeology from that practiced in France, and passionate activities. I bring my viewpoint and my knowledge to ArkéoTopia, cultivated by varied experiences and digs in France and abroad.

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