Illustration d'une mission ArkéoTopia en Nouvelle-CalédonieSearching, and even more importantly... finding... or more precisely, creating new knowledge of human technical cultures brings together the last two activities of ArkéoTopia. Without chronological or geographical limits, with ArkéoTopia the subjects can relate to France as well as the international, touching as much upon the first tools of the Paleolithic era as with the contemporary remains dear to industrial archeology.

In this section, you’ll find the research activities specific to the association: presentation of research projects, calls for research, survey reports, excavation reports, inventories ... as well as archaeological publications from our partners and stakeholders in the research we support.

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Call for Papers: Archaeo-Luthiery

The lyre bard studied by Audrey Lecorgne and Julian Cuvilliez at the Brittany Archaeological Service / CC BY-SA PRIAE - Keravec L., 2018 via Wikimedia Commons

On the occasion of the 30th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists, to be held from August 28 to 31 in Rome (Italy), a call for papers has been launched for a colloquium on the archaeo-violin making, or how to understand instruments from an archaeological point of view, from the Celts to the Middle Ages. Answer by February 4, 2024.

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WikiTopia Archives by ArkeoTopia

The WikiTopia Archives program launched in March 2018 by the association ArkéoTopia®, an alternative approach to archaeology, aims to encourage the digitization of archival documents belonging to private individuals in order to ensure their free and public distribution as well as the study of these documents via Open source tools.

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Bridging the gap between the scientific community and society

Science and technology are today clearly part of our everyday lives. That is why during the last forty years we have seen the development of the practice of transferring scientific culture from those who produce it, researchers, to those who benefit from it, the general public. So, a new actor appeared who J.-O. Gransard-Desmond present from a new angle with "Bridging the gap between the scientific community and society".

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The Aventure, a shipwreck that still talks

Although the coasts of New Caledonia have always been the scene of countless shipwrecks, that is unknown shipwrecks brought to the attention of ArkéoTopia, another way for archaeology by one of its members which led to the refloating of the Aventure in terms of research. The first official excavation of the Corvette in 1975 by ship's lieutenant, Patrick Banuls, and the documents which came from it, led ArkéoTopia to collaborate with Fortunes de Mer Calédonniennes (Nouméa) on a new excavation of the wreck in July 2018. Before the results and the reports of the excavation comparing the 1975 and 2018 operations are published, we will go through a little bit of history: on one hand, the journey of Eugène du Bouzet, captain of the Aventure at the time of the shipwreck in 1855 and that of the French Navy corvette, against the backdrop of the geo-political context of the time, and on the other hand, the adventure of the first mission in 1975.

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Archaeologists, tools at the ready - discover Ireland in Paris

The Historical Archives at Centre Culturel Irlandais © ArkéoTopia - Esnault Ch, 2009

In keeping with our Irish theme for 2009, the Irish Cultural Center (Centre Culturel Irlandais or CCI) was a must-visit to discover the history of the Irish and their community in France and in Paris, where what became the Irish College lives on today. So on Wednesday, March 11, Arkeotopia gathered its members and some curious guests and set out on an ArkaeOdyssey discovery tour of the Center followed by a discussion at the Saint-Hilaire pub.

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