Bridging the gap between the scientific community and society

Science and technology are today clearly part of our everyday lives. That is why during the last forty years we have seen the development of the practice of transferring scientific culture from those who produce it, researchers, to those who benefit from it, the general public. So, a new actor appeared who J.-O. Gransard-Desmond present from a new angle with "Bridging the gap between the scientific community and society".

  Le système pyramidal actuel de la vulgarisation en archéologie Le système circulaire de la vulgarisation en archéologie recherché

Goal :
To change from the current pyramid-shaped structure of the science workshop (left) to a circular structure (right): let’s interconnect our competences and knowledge. A way to boost basic research and to feed applied research (leisure workshop, cultural workshop, science workshop) - © ArkéoTopia, Gransard-Desmond 2014.

The benefits of the science workshop for the general public, universities and research, identified through six years’ experience as a science educator in archaeology within ArkéoTopia, will be established.

The conditions these benefits depend on will subsequently be presented: training workshop leaders, scientific choices and educational and philosophical choices.

Following these observations, the need to change current practice surrounding science workshops will be elaborated on. Consequently, a circular structure between the scientific community and civil society supervised by the science educator will be proposed. This structure will enable mutual understanding and enrichment involving not only civil society but also the scientific community through the science educator.

To do this, the beginnings of a solution are proposed based upon a digital platform, which could be envisaged at a French level or an international level.

Public archaeology, science outreach activities, leisure and cultural activities, theory in archaeology, education

To reference the article : Gransard-Desmond J.-O. (2015), "Science educators: bridging the gap between the scientific community and society", World Archaeology, 47/2, Special Issue: Public Archaeology, p. 299-316.

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