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With My Archaeology Book, children will enter the world of archeology in an educational and fun way. To become budding archaeologists, they will perform many missions where coloring, drawing, observation games, puzzles, reading and many other surprises await them. On the way will lead them to the discovery of French and foreign heritage, they will be accompanied by Augustine and all his friends.

My Archaeology Book
version 5-8 years old / version 8-16 years old
Dr. Gransard-Desmond (Dir.)

  My Archaeology Book, version 5-8 years old My Archaeology Book, version 5-8 years old, missions examples

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My Archaeology Book in an activity book that allows children to learn about the fascinating science of archaeology. With Augustine and his friends (Besides archaeologists Alex and Lisa, many animals illustrate the various knowledge of archaeology), children will have to overcome several missions to each of the 25 steps used to illustrate archaeological research. At the end of the activity book, a chronology and maps help children locate in time and space the remains presented.

Each drawing represent a daily experience lived by Alex and Lisa that children can color. Guided by pictograms easy to understand and easy to follow for 5-8 years version, children are invited to try new activities (coloring, drawing, observation games, puzzles, reading) that will allow them to slip into the skin of the archaeologist.

A glossary and a bibliography provide enough explanations of the drawings to accompaniers adults (parents, teachers or facilitators) who wish to go further. The Educational Resources Space of the ArkéoTopia website, designed to feed the book with activities beyond the paper, this space provides useful resources like the names of animals, why they are present, and learn more about the real remains which are used to create My Archaeology Book.

Designed to be used by children independently, with friends or with family, My Archaeology Book will accompany the child in daily life, holidays, museum visits or tourist trips.

As such, My archeology book is an excellent teaching support for education stakeholders in school or extracurricular sessions. Under the direction of Dr. Jean-Olivier-Gransard Desmond, archaeologist and scientific mediator, My archeology book was designed to:

  1. Provide educational support to facilitate the discovery of archaeological research and archeology profession
  2. Satisfy the need of the national education program (development of motor skills for the youngest people and strengthening fundamentals for the oldest)
  3. Meet the need for the youngest people (use of pictograms) and strengthening of spatialization among the oldest
  4. Introduce children to science and investigative approach from the case of archeology
  5. Contribute to development observation skills and children’s thinking
  6. Initiate / strengthen children's knowledge on Celtic (Gallic) and the Gallo-Roman
  7. Introduce children to other cultures (Africa, Asia, Oceania, and Latin America)
  8. Introduce children to some expected skills in archeology (description, typology, sequencing of the history of an object - operational chain)
  9. Facilitate the work of teachers and animators with children of disparate age groups

5 - 8 years old version is on sale at € 12,99, at your local bookstore or on www.editions-fedora.com.
8 - 16 years old version is on sale € 14,99, at your local bookstore or on www.editions-fedora.com.
You want to have a reprographic rights, also said photocopy right, for your lessons or your leisure activities, contact the publisher: editions.fedora@gmail.com - 09 82 26 34 17 - www.editions-fedora.com (license at 80€ including 1 copy and reprographic rights for 3 years).

Format: 210 x 297 mm - 52 pages stapled in color under a color hardback cover
A colour cutting inset to dress up and stage archaeologists Alex and Lisa silhouettes, a chronology, a geography map and a glossary with answers for each mission and a bibliography to go further
Authors: design and management Dr. J.-O Gransard-Desmond (archaeologist and science educator); Illustrations Ch. Esnault, Kittelski Studio, V. Talhac and V. Plessier-Grapin
Fedora publishing (2016) - ISBN-13 or EAN: 979-1096137022

Format: 210 x 297 mm - 64 pages stapled color under a color hardback cover
A poster of an excavation field in colour, a diploma as young archaeologist and augmented reality for IOS and Android to get some complementery ressources, a chronology, a geography and a glossary with bibliography to go further. A dyslexic font allows young ones with reading difficulties to be able to read the explanations
Authors: design and management Dr. J.-O Gransard-Desmond (archaeologist and science educator); Illustrations A. Veaux, Ch. Esnault, N. Béraud, V. Talhac
Fedora publishing (2018) - ISBN-13 or EAN: 979-10-96137-06-0

Dr. Jean-Olivier Gransard-Desmond Few words about the author:
Independent archaeologist, Dr. Jean-Olivier-Gransard Desmond is a specialist in the iconography of the human-animal relationship. On the field, he intervened as much in France as in Tunisia and Syria over periods ranging from prehistoric to contemporary times. Co-founder of ArkéoTopia, another way for archeology, he is very active in the field of scientific mediation, education and defense of archaeological research.
Check out his profile on: https://arkeotopia.academia.edu/GransardDesmond
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