ArkeoTopia & Artefacts: a fruitful collaboration

ArkeoTopia supports the Artefacts program of the laboratory of Archéologie et Archéométrie in Lyon (CNRS - UMR 5138) since 2013 by promoting it to different audiences but also by participating in adding data and developing partnerships for further use.

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Wiki Loves Monuments: a contest for Archaeology

What if it were possible to contribute to archaeological research online without being an archaeology professional? It actually is, and in just a few clicks, thanks to the international photo contest Wiki Loves Monuments. Let’s take a closer look at this unique event, whose French edition is organized by the association Wikimedia France with the assistance of the archaeological association ArkeoTopia.

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Supporting archaeological research

As any other scientific discipline, archaeology requires a financial and human investment which often exceeds the means at its disposal. To the extent of its capabilities, ArkéoTopia, another way for archaeology, is participating in the research effort with the belief that it is the small streams that make the big rivers.

Small streams make big rivers
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