ArtKaeo, draw for pleasureArtKaeo is a general drawing course on the topic of archeology that can be used diligently in all circumstances.

ArtKaeo is made for all those who are interested in the art of drawing and who may not dare to take the plunge or who think that they are not gifted and will never succeed, but also for those who do not take the time to devote themselves to their talent and are lacking production.

You will realize on your own how easy it is possible to draw, joyfully, and how fast your progress can be. Drawing is not a matter of gift, it is above all a learning process. With motivation and a guide to hold your hand, correct you and steer you, you will assimilate most of the basics and progress in a rapid and effective learning of drawing techniques. Like in any game, when you know the rules well, you have every chance of playing well.

Through concrete examples and practical exercises, you will discover how to use shapes, perspective, shadows and light to put on paper a very concrete work whose rendering will surprise you.

ArtKaeo is also a program that combines the pleasure of culture and knowledge with the technique of drawing and art production. The practical lessons take place in museums to discover the collections and around one or more chosen works that a cultural educator, archaeologist or historian presents and comments on.

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