ArtKaeo - September to June 2017

For this new edition, ArtKaeo return to the Louvre with the artist and scientific illustrator Vincent Talhac.

You dream to learn to draw,
You want to improve your technique,
You want your child to do his first steps,
You want to associate culture and drawing...
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ArtKaeo, a session at Louvre museum
Learn comics drawing with the illustrator of Guy Marais, the comics
Learn the artistic copy of art production

By browsing history and the arts in the different departments of the Louvre, you will go through a gradual learning using all the fundamentals of drawing, to complete and complex works while discovering the history and archaeology of the model used.

Drawing lessons designed for public or professionals, ArtKaeo, led by Vincent Talhac, will introduce you to different objectives (copy, comics, popular scientific drawing). Alone or with family, depending on your availability, find Vincent Talhac every Wednesday morning, afternoon or evening at the Louvre for 2h30, except holidays.

Learn popular scientific drawing

ArtKaeo, coaching

Vincent TalhacVincent Talhac, your guide, is a Parisian scientific illustrator born in 1970 who spoke for the National Museum of Natural History where he made drawings for animals as well as ArkéoTopia for which he produced popular scientific drawings. Through his many talents in the field of graphic arts, he update the crime novel of the writer Jean-Jacques Sandras and gives birth to Guy Marais in bubbles in December 2015.

ArtKaeo, the fare

Registration for the year (30 sessions, namely 60 hours of actual course): 32€/session namely € 948 for the year
Join the quarter (11 sessions, namely 22 hours of actual course): 38 €/session namely 411€ for the quarter
Registration for the session (1 session is 4 hours of actual course) : 191€/session (training more appropriate to professionals in individual sessions)
This price does not include entrance to the Louvre Museum. We strongly recommend that you purchase your individual pass facilitating entry without tail and saving on the price of access.

ArkéoTopia's Members
The association members will be offered a single pass to choose either to the Quai Branly Museum or to the City of Architecture and Heritage.
How to become a member? Take note of the article and join us
Cash or staggered at registration. Maximum 12 people (registrations taken in the order of arrival of requests).
Any price paid may not claim a refund in case of absence.

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