ArkeoTopia at Inheritance Exhibition

Last November 8, ArkeoTopia continued its relational work with actors of inheritance, and by extension of archaeological research, by visiting Cultural heritage exhibition held in Paris.

Along particularly interesting and elegant stands installed in the Carrousel of Louvre, Jean-Olivier and Chris, the two cofounders of association, particularly appreciated the exhibitors reception, and the interest which they carried to ArkeoTopia objectives.

Thus, many contacts took place, either for education, defense of the profession, press, or with dynamic organizations like IUMP (Academic Institute of Trades and Inheritance) completely in phase with the association philosophy.

The visit finished by attending prize-giving of Clio Price for Archaeology. It was the occasion to exchange, also, with academics and researchers. This exhibition made it possible to, once more, measure expectations and importance to develop a mediator organization between the actors of the inheritance and archaeological research. ArkeoTopia is thus consolidated in the way that it was given to act.

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