Treasures from Kings of France

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Frances’ Kings treasures
Discovery of the Medals Cabinet

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The imposing staircase leading to the Medals Cabinet before its replacement © Angibous-Esnault Ch.Discover the Department of Coins, Medals and Antiques (ex Medals Cabinet) of the French National Library (BNF) through a time journey where you will learn about History, Numismatic and Researchers’ life.

The museum of medals and antiques cabinet of the BNF is the oldest museum of France. The Royal Cabinet was first opened in the 18th century and was part of the Royal Library. Its aim was to give the public and scientific audience of the time an access to the incredible collection of antique, precious and rare objects from royal treasures acquired since the Middle Age by the French sovereigns.

This rich and heterogeneous collection has since centuries been enriched by donations from collectors as well as archaeology and numismatic pioneers such as Count of Caylus, J.Pellerin or the Duke of Luynes. Unexpectedly, the French Revolution was a godsend for the Medals Cabinet. The nationalization of clergy property had the effect of bringing to the catalog’s collection fine and exceptional pieces of art from the Saint-Chapel, Saint-Denis or Notre-Dame. Some pieces found their origin in the Crusade’s treasure.

Today very few people know about the Medals Cabinet as the communication remains scarce. The mission of ArkéoTopia is to bring or bring back attention to the amazing pieces of this museum where each window displays new treasures. Here is the place where the word "treasure" has its full meaning.

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A roman monetary treasury © Gilly Smith - Fotolia.comEtruscan potery © Robbic - Fotolia.comIntended for an adult audience, the content of this guided tour can be adapted for teaching purposes for primary school students (4th to 5th Grade), middle-grade students and high-school students as well as groups of young people with a leisure centers.


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