Treasures of the Pharaohs: secrets of the pyramids

ArkeoTopia offers children the possibility to play the role of an archeologist through an amusing discovery about how were build egyptian pyramids with

Treasures of the Pharaohs
Mysteries of the Khufu's pyramid solved

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  Découvrir la pyramide de Khoufou en jouant à l'archéologue
The great pyramid of Khufu
  Pyramide et niveau en A, objectif final et réplique d'un outil de l'Égypte antique pour y arriver
How did children build thoses
pyramids and Levels in A?
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In the Times of the Pharaohs
Discovering archaeology through the pyramids construction

Presentation of the workshop

Where is Egypt located in time and space? What were the measures used by the ancient Egyptians? How did the archaeologists find the different stages of construction of the Khufu's pyramid (around 2457 BC)? What is a chadouf? How could its principle help to build such a gigantic monument?

These are some of the questions that children will explore through fun and easy games that will spur them to summon their little gray cells to discover the approach an archaeological researcher must adopt.

In order to fully grasp the particular aspects of this technique and learn to trace its pattern, the children will make a pyramid in paper with one of the tools of the ancient Egyptians: the 13-knot rope. Depending on their age and the time dedicated to this discovery, other activities will emerge from this workshop as the construction and the use of this Egyptian tool: the Level in A.

The Skills implemented
during this Workshop

  • Knowledge
    • Build or refresh already acquired knowledge on ancient Egyptian civilisation
    • Discover different techniques to build a pyramid
    • Discover an archaeologist's tool: the chaîne opératoire or reverse engineering allowing to rebuild the history of an object
    • Understand the relation between archaeology and technology or engineering
  • Know-How (Methods)
    • Practice being perceptive
    • Rebuild teh chaîne opératoire of a pyramid
    • Practice technical drawing
    • Present one’s own conclusions in front of a group
  • Soft skills (Behaviors)
    • Follow instructions
    • Being committed
    • Respecting others’ hypotheses

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