The mystery of Khufu's pyramid explained to children

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The mystery of Khufu's pyramid explained to children
at Saint-Simon library, Paris 7
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Around 2457 BC, a gigantic monument was created: Khufu’s pyramid (also known as the Pyramid of Cheops or the Great Pyramid of Giza). The large pyramid was the culmination of an idea of an architect inspired several centuries previously and has continually sparked curiosity and incited questions from anyone who has seen it or heard about it, but it kept its secrets buried in the depths of time. Although there have been many hypotheses, none of them managed to explain the whole construction process until Henri Houdin’s intervention in 1999. This architect had an idea which would completely change the life of his son Jean-Pierre by throwing him into the Khufu adventure, bringing a new perspective to our understanding of the pyramid’s large construction site, this pharaoh’s pyramid and pyramids in general.

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  An anteroom behind the king's room?
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  Overview of the construction of the Great Pyramid.
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