Daily life and Archaeology, which applications?

For the 2nd National Archaeology Day, ArkéoTopia® and the Center for Ancient Studies and Archaeology are pleased to invite to take part in :

Archeological research in our daily life in the 21st century
Practical Applications and Challenges

Saturday, 20 October 2012
From 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm in U.S.
From 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm in France
Free Admission

National Archaeology Day logoThe purpose of the National Archaeology Day is to raise awareness of Archeology for all organizations involved in this discipline around the world. It is a special occasion for the public to join in archeological activities or to discover unknown aspects of the archeological search. Above all, it is the opportunity to celebrate Archaeology and to promote the idea that Archaeology is everywhere.

Archaeology is everywhere even in our daily life, this is the message that ArkéoTopia and the Center for Ancient Studies and Archaeology would like to share with the public on this special event, the 2nd National Archaeology Day.

French-speaking people and English-speaking people, whether professional archeologists or any individual interested in topics pertaining to Archeology, are warmly invited by the Studio des Ursulines (Paris) for France, and from the Center for Ancient Studies and Archaeology at Willamette University (Salem - Oregon) for the U.S., to discover during an informal discussion how Archaeology is indeed part of our daily life in this first part of the 21st century. We will explore the link between Archaeology and our civilization, starting with the prehistoric time, and briefly covering the following centuries until the 18th century, when Archaeology was recognized as a scientific discipline. We will then illustrate the applications of Archaeology in our present daily life.

This discussion will also be the opportunity to discover two different approaches of the scientific culture, the U.S. scientific approach, represented by Miss Christopher April Miller, and the French scientific approach, represented by Dr. Jean-Olivier Gransard-Desmond.

Please join in and have fun in practicing your French if you want!

This event is also a fantastic opportunity to meet with researchers of other countries through the topic of Archeology. Do not miss it! Let us be the actors of the Archeology of tomorrow!

Pictogramme Malvoyants This event is accessible to visually impaired people.


Studio des Ursulines
10 rue des Ursulines
75005 Paris
Center for Ancient Studies and Archaeology
Willamette University
900 State Street Salem, Oregon 97301
To know more contact:
For U.S., Miss C. April Miller — (503)-370-6920
For France, Miss Chris Esnault — 06 22 03 32 33

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