Under the cobblestones, the city

Visit of the ancient building stone quarries of Paris with ArkeoTopia for an archaeological perspective

Under the cobblestones, the city
Discovery of the quarries of Paris

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14th district of Paris
It is well known that Paris underground is like cheese full of holes. But, apart from the engineers whose job is to go there and the cataphiles of very bad reputation, who really knows this maze of galleries that runs hundreds of kilometers under the capital?

Les carrièresAfter many difficulties, the Seadacc obtained from the Government and the General Inspection of Quarries, the authorization to safeguard a small part stretched out under the Cochin Hospital, an isolated part of the large general network for the needs of its preservation. Volunteers have been taking turns for many years to restore and maintain this very representative part of the history of the quarries.

It is therefore in a unique setting that is not usually open to the public that you will discover this network, with its historical remains, hidden architecture, geological wealth and its strange atmosphere.


This tour interests you, you are a group of 15 people, order this ArkaeOdyssey.
The visit lasts 1h30 on Saturdays at 10:30 a.m., bookings can be made with ArkeoTopia secretariat.
Minors must imperatively be accompanied by an adult.
For an overview of the visit, see our report of the January 2009 visit.

For further information:
+33 (0)6 22 03 32 33 - contact@arkeotopia.org - www.arkeotopia.org

An outfit that fears nothing and good shoes. The terrain is easy but can be messy. The temperature is constant and average. Do not cover up too much.
Don't forget a flashlight to appreciate certain details.
If you want to take pictures, you need a wide angle.


While waiting to come with us, we suggest that you start the visit from your computer by reading the illustrated article written by SEADACC (in French only)

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