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  • Published: Saturday, 31 January 2009 12:41
  • Written by ArkeoTopia translated by Yassamin Kouraichi and Marie de Longeaux
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The organization Libraries without borders (LWB), with whom ArkeoTopia maintains relations through exchanges between its ArkeoSources service and BSF's Exchange Library Project, has launched a communication campaign entitled Choose Your Weapon to alert the public to the importance of books in the transmission of knowledge and the values of peace and democracy.


This campaign is also a way to bring to the forefront of the international scene the access to books and knowledge for the South issue in order to contribute to the shaping of tomorrow's world.

A purposely provocative communication campaign, BSF associates the transmission of knowledge, reduced for the sake of the book media, to a weapon and not just any weapon, a powerful weapon for peace, resistance and democracy.

BSF then asks you to choose your weapon: which book would you plebiscite and why?
In support of this public sensitization campaign, that combines awareness-raising, humor, and a way to publicize BSF's work, ArkeoTopia wanted to take action to its extent by involving its members and volunteers.

Since only one contribution could be made for this gesture to remain meaningful between the campaign and the association's participation, we asked them to choose a book that would best represent, according to them, members and volunteers of ArkeoTopia, the work of archaeologists, whether it be the object of their research, the conditions of it, the importance of this research in everyday life, etc. It could be a manual, a book of reflection, a comic strip... whatever would seem to best present this research to a public that needs to be made aware of this science. Thus, on December 26th, we submitted our choice by indicating Philippe Jockey's book, L'archéologie in the collection Idées reçues : histoire & civilisations (n° 162) published in 2008.

Why this book rather than another ? It has the advantage of being short while presenting a good introduction to the history of archaeological research and the received stereotypes that the public, many students and some professionals have about it. It is also an interesting "weapon" to contribute to the understanding of the social stakes of archaeological research, and by extension, of the past as an experience for the future. Young people who are questioning their future will also find here a few guidelines.

In addition to supporting BSF's Choose Your Weapon campaign and helping to raise awareness about their work, participating in this campaign is an opportunity to get people talking about archaeological research and the challenges represented by the human sciences.

If you too wish to participate, go to and discover BSF's initiatives around the world at the same time.

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