Donation of documents – Participation in kind

Donation of documents (books, audio-visual and multimedia supports, etc.)

As part of the ArkéoThèque project (currently under development), we accept all year long your in-kind donations of books, magazines, compact discs, DVDs, CD-ROMs and maps, all documents for the young and the less young, the simply curious and the professionals.

THE essential criterion:

Your documents must deal with archaeology or related sciences (history, epigraphy, ethnography, zoology, philosophy, etc.).

Piles de livresThe field can be extremely wide so we are at your disposal to discuss it with you and possibly suggest other avenues.

Subsequently, careful selection will help integrate your material into the different collections. Documents not retained will be redistributed to appropriate organizations, whether in France or abroad. And every year, we organise a clearance sale where documents that didn’t find their place in the ArkéoThèque or partner organizations are offered to the public at very low prices. The profits from the sale are invested in the purchase of new documents which will enrich the ArkéoThèque fund.

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