ArkeoTopia enters the world of games

Following on from songs, ArkeoTopia® is entering the world of games with the role-playing game project The Heritage Crusaders coordonated by Jean-Olivier Gransard-Desmond.

  Des joueurs en pleine partie
  A table-top role-playing game is a fun tool
to present archaeology and careers within it
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Since three years, ArkeoTopia® is getting into gamification with the role-playing game (RPG)[1] The Heritage Crusaders. After My Archeology Book for the youngest, the role-playing game The Heritage Crusaders aims to popularising archaeological research for high school student and more.

Objectives? These are plural because, other than having a good time and discovering archaeology in a fun way as a family or in an activity centre, envisaged uses also include other forms of learning. The primary benificiary will be teaching at a primary, secondary and even university level.

Exit Indiana Jones, but the aventure will be there in the role-playing game: The Heritage CrusadersExit Indiana Jones and the demise of archaeology; ArkeoTopia's team has everything covered. Fans of explosives and other forms of destruction which are detrimental to heritage will not be forgotten. On the contrary, a suprise awaits to catch them out. A cross between a hard-copy educational game and the pleasure of an adventure that lasts an evening, The Heritage Crusaders will surprise you and let you unwind while giving you an intiation to archaeology and the professions surrounding it.
A game to follow...

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1. A table-top role-playing game allows players to put themselves in the place of imaginary characters and live out adventures in a universe invented and scripted by a Game Master. Everything happens orally, as if several people were telling a story. The role-playing game The Heritage Crusaders enables a group of friends, a family, or activity leaders and young people to gather around a table for an afternoon or evening and discover archaeology while having fun (to find out more, see the article "Role-playing game" and the detailed article "Table-top role-playing game" on Wikipedia).

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