Lecture - Archaeologist, from myth to reality

Guided by an ArkeoTopia archaeologist, find out what archaeologists do in a lecture entitled:


Between a passion for collecting and an interest in the past

Indiana Jones is the most famous archaeologist on screen, but what about real life? Are all archaeologists on the hunt for fabulous treasures? Are they bookworms or daredevils? What do we know about the profession or their duty towards history? Apart from excavations, what do archaeologists really do?

An ArkeoTopia archaeologist invites you to an interactive lecture where you can ask questions and participate in a discussion on their activities, life, and role in society.

The lecture in a Nutshell

First, you’ll be introduced to the origins of archaeology and how the term has evolved. Afterwards, you’ll dodge mediabooby-traps that confuse “archaeological site” and “human occupation” or even “dinosaurs” and “artifacts”. You’ll encounter the dark side of archaeological research when you learn about scientific fraud, before continuing your adventure with the difference between an archaeologist and Indiana Jones or Lara Croft. Finally, you'll run through the various archaeologist career profiles, differing in status and job description, and end your journey with their main activities and archaeology’s applications in everyday life.

Who is it for?

The excavation, archaeologists’ most famous toolThe content of this lecture is intended for adults but it can be adapted for students of different levels (to children of elementary school -kindergarten, grade 5 and 6-, middle school and high school).


45 minute slideshow presentation, followed by a 15 minute interactive discussion with the audience.

The Speaker

Gransard-Desmond portraitBoth an iconologist and an archaeologist, Dr. Jean-Olivier Gransard-Desmond is a specialist in human-animal relationships. Author of the book Les Canidae de la Préhistoire à la Ière Dynastie en Egypte et en Nubie published by BAR-IS, he has worked in the field in France as well as in Tunisia and Syria, investigating time periods spanning from Prehistory to the Contemporary period. Co-founder of ArkeoTopia, an alternative approach to archaeology, he is also very active in the fields of scientific outreach, education, and archaeological research advocacy.
To learn more about him, see Dr. Gransard-Desmond’s profile.

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