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The quality of an action is measured by the number of partners an organization attracts. Despite its size, ArkeoTopia is proud to have interested a variety of organizations, large and small. A look back at the public and private organizations with which ArkeoTopia, an alternative approach to archaeology has worked or from which it has received financial and moral support.

Our partners

Logo Wikimédia FranceWikimédia France, the French association which works for the free sharing of knowledge through Wikimedia galaxy (Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikimedia commons, Wikidata, etc... ), or through actions led by the association involving its own members and volunteer workers like Wiki loves Monuments or Wiki Loves
ArkeoTopia supports the actions of the association and became in June 2016, official partner of the association in order to provide its skills and expertise in relation to heritage, science and education in the field of archaeology in exchange for logistics and human support.

Logo Bibliothèque Saint SimonSaint-Simon library, public library of the 7th district of Paris, whose collection is oriented towards both children and adults. Since March 2011, ArkeoTopia has conducted workshops for young people and held conferences at the Saint-Simon library of the 7th. This partnership was an opportunity for wonderful events such as the Detective novel and archaeology exhibition about the character Guy Marais through his comic version and the participative workshop Wikipedia and Science for the Numok festival – To follow the activities of Saint-Simon library, see its page

Ministry of Culture and Communication logo

They trusted us

The Ministry of Culture and Communication through its interest in the approach of AkeoTopia in the field of knowledge transfer and cultural democratisation, formalised by financial support encouraging the association to continue its work —

City of Paris official logoThe City of Paris in the scientific and cultural activities it held in Parisian schools from 2013 to 2018 as part of after-school planned time (APT) - learn more with the article “The Organization of Educational Rhythms, a different learning time from school in France” —

Nature & découvertes official logoThe Nature & Découvertes shops for our leisure activities organisation actions held at individuals' homes from June 2016 to June 2020 as part of birthdays proposed on the Nature & Discoveries network with Conquering

Southern Province official logo The Southern Province (New-Caledonia) through its support to the Adventure mission led by ArkeoTopia and Fortunes de Mer Calédoniennes in the field of Archaeological research and promotion of the New Caledonian heritage, facilitating the relations with Isle of Pines customary authorities, and granting the authorisations needed for the smooth running of the prospecting campaign and mission surveys —

Gabriel Fauré School Complex of Paris official logoThe Gabriel Fauré School Complex of Paris, and particularly its middle school through its support and for conducting the A class in Dublin project (English course focusing on archaeology together with the technology teacher, exhibition tour and language study holiday in Ireland) led by the English teacher Ms Nabila Souaber during the 2011-2012 school year — Gabriel Fauré School Complex of Paris

National History of the Prehistoric Man official logoThe National History of the Prehistoric Man Department (UMR 7194) and Associate Professor Érik Gonthier of the National Museum of Natural History by supporting ArkeoTopia’s publication and dissemination of the archaeological research works as well as for training students in their second year of the master’s degree program “Mineral and Osteologic Collections in the Human Sciences” —

History and Archaeology Museum of Nuits-Saint-Georges official logoThe History and Archaeology Museum of Nuits-Saint-Georges through the implementation of science workshops from museum collections coming mainly from discoveries made at the Bolards site, and from teachers' needs, intended for students — official website of the History and Archaeology Museum of Nuits-Saint-Georges

Archéologia magazine official logoArchéologia magazine, which deals with archaeological news, presents, each month, the last archaeological discoveries, files, reports, exhibitions, colloquiums and not-to-be-missed books thanks to a worldwide network of specialists for the writing of institutional and research articles —

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