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A new platform financed by the European Union gives students access to 450 million euros in unclaimed grants and scholarships. is a European platform for students who are seeking financing for their studies, or just advice on how to finance their education. An additional and complementary resource is Study in a foreign country.

European Fund, portail de bourses d'études The goal of the German association Initiative für transparente Studienförderung (ItS) - in English, the Initiative for Transparent Student Funding - is to make it easier for prospective students to understand and access EU financial aid programs to encourage international study.

For this purpose, ItS created the platform that gives high-school, college, and post-grad students a free way to find financial aid for their academic courses. For the first time in France, this website uses a correlation algorithm that shows only the grants, subventions, scholarships, and awards that really correspond with each student's individual profile.

These 12,000 financial aid programs cover a vast range of areas in which students might need help to continue their education – from daily living expenses, registration and housing fees to additional costs for semesters abroad, language classes, or budgets for scientific projects. The platform also offers various articles, especially on themes related to applying for scholarships and grants. This is why ArkeoTopia supports this initiative by sharing information about it.

The platform also caters to students who don't have a homogenous resume or don't fit into the classic academic paths. In this way it supports the new Be different! program. This scholarship is part of a series targeting students who don't fit into the classic definitions and who, until now, haven't received much help with their studies. It further hopes to encourage the creation of similar programs.

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  • The ItS initiative began in Germany with the launch of the financial aid matching platform that attracted over 80,000 students (unique visitors) each month. MyStipendium was mentioned often in the national press and received six national awards including the "Germany - Land of Ideas" and "Start Social" prizes. It had over 38 prestigious spokesmen and women, including the German Foreign Affairs Minister Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and several Nobel Prize winners. ItS built a network of 3,924 partners in over 90% of the schools and universities around the country. Seeing the immense success of, the European Commission decided to allocate money to the initiative to develop a European version ( that encompasses over 12,000 financial aid programs in 16 countries.
  • Discover all the information and offers at and find answers to your questions in the frequently asked questions.

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