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What is ArkeoTopia?
Who are the board members?
How to join us in this adventure?
In this section, you will find answers to your questions.

ArkeoTopia gets active and makes it known. Find the articles dedicated to it on the web, on paper, on the radio and on TV by following our section Press talks about it.

You wish to participate in ArkéoTopia's effort. You can do this in a variety of ways; each of the items below corresponds to one of them.

Do not hesitate to regularly visit the Become a volunteer section, the content of which varies according to the association's activities.

ArkeoTopia missions and activities

ArkeoTopia is for everyone, not only for archaeology and heritage professionals. To know more about our activities and even meet us to discuss them, please discover our different actions and join us on occasion. The activities of ArkeoTopia are divided into 5 main themes:

Scientific Popularization

  • Arkaeo Secrets and ArkaeoKids for our pedagogy branch, science and cultural workshops for children and teenagers
  • Edutainment resources with the collection of The World of Augustin like My Archaeology Book, the archaeological adventures of Augustin books and free resources associated to this universe
  • ArkaeOdysseys, discovery tours of museums, heritage places and other surprises in Paris and elsewhere
  • conferences which will make you discover the Human History through its artistic productions, but also its technical productions
  • Scientific and cultural events participation in local (Summer of Solidarity in the 7th arrondissement), national (Fête de la Science), European (European Heritage Days, European Researchers’ Night) or international (National Archaeology Day)

General Education and Vocational Training

Scientific Research

  • ArkéoTopia’s members and the organization carry out research activities from the participation in colloquiums to the follow-up of programmed excavations through the Meetings around European Archaeology (MEA).

Defense of the Interests of Archaeological Research

  • Championing the scientific research in archaeology through its own projects like Arkethics or in association with public and private existing organizations like Afnor expertise, ArkeoTopia helps to defend the interests of archaeological research in France and around the world.

Participation in Research Effort

If you can't see the videos, follow the links for the capsule History, a challenge for the future (English subtitling)
and the capsule The 5 pillars of ArkeoTopia (English subtitling)

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ArkaeoGame - the games area of ArkeoTopia

The ArkaeoGame of ArkeoTopia, full of ideas for an evening of fun

The ArkaeoGame section of ArkeoTopia presents:

  • the next sessions of the Games break organized thanks to our game library specialized in archaeology
  • the results of creations or adaptations of board games and video games designed by the ArkeoTopia team
  • everything related to games and archaeology / cultural heritage

Why an ArkaeoGame?

Role-playing game, a fun tool for discovering archaeologyThe world of games has changed enormously since the 1970s. Today, it's no longer just Monopoly® and Scrabble®. Gaming is more than just a familiar universe; it’s a doorway through to multiple subjects such as history and archaeology while remaining fun thanks to the tricks of game mechanics.

It is in this spirit that ArkeoTopia has developed various projects including a role-playing game project and adaptations of board games that we invite you to discover and try out. So, whether you're a gamer or not, whether alone or with family or friends, come and enjoy a uniquely, entertaining experience at the ArkeoTopia Games break.

Where can I find the team?

The friendly and highpowered team at ArkeoTopia will take great pleasure welcoming you to share laughter, profound questions and revelations with games full of atmosphere like Alert on the excavation site of Ideascoveremains and great classics like Memories, the archaeological version of Time's up and many other surprises:

  • You are not yet a member of ArkeoTopia, let's meet
    • in person at the Jean Nicot room in the 7th district (Paris), see our next sessions on our agenda
    • remotely on our digital spaces of visio and Board Game Arena, see our next sessions on our agenda
  • If you are an ArkeoTopia member, let's meet on the #Pilier1a_Vulgarisation channel of ArkéoTopia's Slack to design, make and test adaptations and new games on archaeology.
  • If you want to contact us, feel free to write to us via our form

Facilitate the orientation of young people and help those already on the path to find their way through the maze of courses and opportunities.

Défendre l'archéologieChampioning the scientific research in archaeology means contributing to a better heritage protection, to healthy and lasting relationships between the various actors of research (professionals, non professionals, citizens, politicians), to an evolution of knowledge and practices specific to archaeological research.

Discover the Spirit of ArkeoTopia and follow our actions in relation to the defense of archaeological research and more broadly of the to SHS (Social and Human science) in France, in Europe and on the international stage.

Illustration d'une mission ArkéoTopia en Nouvelle-CalédonieSearching, and even more importantly... finding... or more precisely, creating new knowledge of human technical cultures brings together the last two activities of ArkéoTopia. Without chronological or geographical limits, with ArkéoTopia the subjects can relate to France as well as the international, touching as much upon the first tools of the Paleolithic era as with the contemporary remains dear to industrial archeology.

In this section, you’ll find the research activities specific to the association: presentation of research projects, calls for research, survey reports, excavation reports, inventories ... as well as archaeological publications from our partners and stakeholders in the research we support.

You’d like to submit a scientific article, which will be shared on our website?
If you’re an archaeologist, art historian, historian, professional or volunteer anthropologist, or you come from another discipline, but your subject relates to human history, you can submit your article by writing via our form and respecting the following guidelines:

  • Provide an abstract of 500 characters (spaces included) and a maximum of 7 keywords
  • Do not exceed 5000 words, excluding schedules and references
  • Format your text in Docx - Word, Odt - OpenOffice or equivalent
  • Provide all illustrations in jpg or png formats, with a minimum sizing of 10cm height for 300dpi
  • Provide all tables in Xlsx – Excel, Ods – OpenOffice, or equivalent formats

If you’d like to learn more about ArkéoTopia’s research programs and the relationships we can build together, visit us at the Scientist profile, the Enthusiast profile, or the Student profile according to your status/interests.

Augustin, the 7 years old archaeologistAugustin, the 11 years old archaeologistIn the section “Augustin’s Resources”, you will find resources on archaeology for young ones from 5 to 15 included:

You will also find many other resources related to Augustin’s archaeological universe: tips from archaeologists, poetry, videos, games, drawings, etc. And to write to Augustin or to his friends Octave the poet, Manon the engineer, Alex and Lisa the archaeologists, just use the contact form on our website to share your drawings, photographs, jokes about archaeology and many more that Augustin’s gang will be happy to share with all the community.

ArkeoTopia Shop

Welcome to the ArkeoTopia shopping page!!
You don't know our universe and our values yet, this page is an opportunity to discover them in an educational and recreational way.
We also keep up to date free resources on the page The World of Augustin, associated with this page, to provide you with ever more intense immersion.

Created in 2007, focused on both the promotion of scientific and technical culture for all, along with a desire for quality, the publishing activity of ArkeoTopia is slowly starting to develop. ArkeoTopia hosts innovative projects in terms of popularization of archaeological, historical and technological research, as well as sharp research works.

You will find in our catalog productions from our own publishing activity in addition to those from professional partners such as Tautem, Fedora and Yvelinédition editions. Our aspiration: while contributing to the spreading of quality scientific production, make the investigative approach, through archaeology, as natural for everyone as reading and writing.

If you’d like a guided visit among friends, an activity for your class, a conference for your association, to attend an individual class in archaeology, to put in place an activity around archaeology or support for your scientific publications, our services are here to help you meet your needs in the following 6 broad categories.

  1. Conferences - conferences on subjects ranging as well archaeology as history, iconography and more other subjects
  2. ArkaeoKids - activities for children modified to suit your needs: leisure, cultural or science workshops
  3. ArkaeOdyssey - thematic archeological guided visits in Paris, Île-de-France and abroad
  4. ArkaeoCenter - custom archaeology and drawing classes
  5. Student services and researcher services - accompanying you in your studies, your research, or in the publication of your works

ArkeoTopia offer you a conferences service that will make you discover the history of human being through both its artistic productions and its technical achievements. Uniting that richness that goes under the name heritage, art history, science and engineering, ethnology, history and archaeology, our conferences make you travel through space and time during 1 hour, guided by a highly knowledgeable, yet comprehensible, captain. Listen and mature what is narrated, and prepare for a pleasant and informal, 15 min discussion time with your lecturer at the end of the talk.

ATTENTION! Our conference service is not to be confused with our activity ArkaeoView. Although the two share the concept of conference, its implementation is very different. For more details please refer to the introduction to ArkaeoView in the designated area.

Discover the Arkaeo Secrets from ArkeoTopia on Vimeo.

Increasing awareness of children and teenagers about scientific and technic culture via archaeology, this is the challenge of the Arkaeo Secrets and the ArkaeoKids from ArkeoTopia, an alternative approach to archaeology®, as this short video designed and realised by Estefania Rodríguez-Pérez is reporting.

Conceived by science educators in archaeology and animated by science ambassadors in archaeology, the Arkaeo Secrets and the ArkaeoKids enable the young audience to discover not only archaeology but also much more. They will thus discover the impact of archaeology on their daily life (impact on heritage, environnement, diplomacy and on society in general). By leaning on the trio knowledge, know-how and know-how-to-be, we are also committed to contributing to the proper development of the knowledge, skills and civism of the child as much as the teenager.

To learn more, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form

ArkaeOdyssey logoIn order to combine knowledge and pleasure, the ArkaeOdyssey are taking you several times a year on sideroads to discover places rich with History and stories: heritages maintained by associations or communities, private or public museum, excavation sites, private collections… allowing you to discover archaeology as you’ve never seen it before.

Those visits are commented by the hosting organisation and supplemented with archaeological references from ArkeoTopia.

Download the complete catalog of the ArkaeOdyssey

ArkaeoCenter logoFollowing several requests for individual courses, we are once again opening the doors of the ArkaeoCenter to individuals and training organizations. Whether your wish is an introduction to archaeology or history of arts, a deepening of these subjects in continuing education or a support in the frame of your studies, please contact us and we’ll define together which of these courses suits you best.

What is the ArkaeoCenter?

It is a course to discover or improve one’s knowledge in archaeology and history of arts based on a type of pedagogy which places the learner at the center of education. Leaning on the principle ”only what is experienced is retained”, education here alternates between theory and practice according to the learner’s needs and her/his active participation.

Who is the ArkaeoCenter for?

We offer home-based individual courses in Paris and nearby or in our premises:

  • to individuals curious to begin an introduction to archaeology or history of arts, or individuals willing to learn science-based methods on how to speak and argue in public, how to better organize one’s work, how to better perceive the interests of teamwork,
  • to Licence, Master or PhD students seeking for support in their studies, orientation help to better manage their university program and preparation to their entrance in active life,
  • to research, cultural and scientific animation and tourism professionals wishing to add a new viewpoint to their professional practice and to develop new skills and thus opening themselves to new horizons.

You wish to know more before engaging in this adventure, click on the button “Register” and ask to get in touch with one of our teachers. You are a professional training organization and you want to expand your activity, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it.

ArkaeoCenter - archaeology courses, register

ArtKaeo, draw for pleasureArtKaeo is a general drawing course on the topic of archeology that can be used diligently in all circumstances.

ArtKaeo is made for all those who are interested in the art of drawing and who may not dare to take the plunge or who think that they are not gifted and will never succeed, but also for those who do not take the time to devote themselves to their talent and are lacking production.

You will realize on your own how easy it is possible to draw, joyfully, and how fast your progress can be. Drawing is not a matter of gift, it is above all a learning process. With motivation and a guide to hold your hand, correct you and steer you, you will assimilate most of the basics and progress in a rapid and effective learning of drawing techniques. Like in any game, when you know the rules well, you have every chance of playing well.

Through concrete examples and practical exercises, you will discover how to use shapes, perspective, shadows and light to put on paper a very concrete work whose rendering will surprise you.

ArtKaeo is also a program that combines the pleasure of culture and knowledge with the technique of drawing and art production. The practical lessons take place in museums to discover the collections and around one or more chosen works that a cultural educator, archaeologist or historian presents and comments on.

ArtKaeo, I register
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